Making Fairground Rides

Fairground structures - DT

What a fantastic time 5P have had working with saws, wood, glue guns and electrical circuits to construct their very own fairground ride in DT! I'm so pleased with how sensible and focused all the children were from start to finish. They have learnt so many new skills and had lots of fun too!

Brunel's Bridge

The Clifton Suspension Bridge

In 1831 Isambard Kingdom Brunel was chosen to build the Clifton Bridge over the River Avon at Bristol. It was a suspension bridge and very high, so ships could sail under it. At first, workers crossed the river in a basket! The basket ran along beneath the iron bar 307m long. The bridge was not finished until 1864. To test it, 500 tons of stones were put onto the bridge. It sagged just 18cm in the middle!

5P had a fantastic challenge afternoon; designing and constructing their own bridges using art straws and paper. They had to cross a 40cm gap and be capable of holding a glue stick without collapsing. Isambard Kingdom Brunel would have been proud of their engineering efforts!
'Absolute Genius' with Dick and Dom